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The Beauty of Olivenhain real estate

architecture-166534_1920San Diego has one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the United States. Estates like Rancho Santa Fe are occupied by a rich middle class who have a taste for luxurious life. It has created demand for homes that are big enough for the whole family and has the environment while also providing a healthy environment for people to enjoy themselves. Gated communities have been the answer to this quest and have mushroomed all over the North County of San Diego. This is an Olivenhain real estate guide that provides crucial information about Olivenhain estate located in North County.


Olivenhain is a gated community located in the most eastern part of the City of Encinitas. The estate was started in the early 19th century with a view of making a colony like a community. It was founded officially on July 8, 1885, as the Colony Olivenhain. The early residents of Olivenhain wanted to retain a rural lifestyle and shunned modernity for a long time. They held meetings in the Olivenhain’s meeting hall from 1895. These meetings are still held today in the Olivenhain Town Meeting Hall, which was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1993. Also, noteworthy is the fact that the neighborhood remained independent and unincorporated for more than a century after which it became part of Encinitas City.


The neighborhood today is a semi-rural community that is composed of very lovely customized homes that are up to 5 acres in size. It is surrounded by natural beauty like the gentle hills, an exquisite landscape, and warm climate. The community is composed of a total of 1,500 homes. This number is not likely to rise due to low-density zoning that is expected to keep the number to a restricted number of just 1,600 homes.

Olivenhain is inhabited by an upper-class people many of which have at least a bachelor’s degree and earn an average of about $150,000. Like most of its neighbors in the Carmel Valley, it is considered to be an upscale community. It is also surrounded by amenities, beaches and various attractions for its residents to enjoy.


However, compared to Rancho Santa Fe, which is considered to be the most exclusive in the area, Olivanhain’s homes are more affordable. For instance, a single-family home in Olivenhain is priced at $1,615,000. Olivenhain Real, which is the official source of information about real estate prices in the neighborhood, also puts single family home at $1,272,000 that of a three bedroomed condominium was $778,000 while that of a similar two bedroomed condo was on the market for $559,000.

The community enjoys many natural pleasures like stargazing due to the clear skies at night.  Clear skies are a result of the Olivenhain’s Dark Skies Policy that helps in reducing light pollution by restricting the use of outdoor lighting on streets, tennis courts and other large structures in the community. Also, though the neighborhood is not close to the beach, it enjoys a lovely ocean view.

There are a few stores and restaurants within the neighborhood. Encinitas Bolevard, however, is where most people do their shopping. You can also go to EL Camino Real, which is adjacent to Encinitas Bolevard. In the Southwestern part of Olivenhain, there is the West Village Shopping Centre, which is just as good as its competitors with stores like T.J. Max, Vons, Trader Joe’s and much more. The neighborhood is close to a number of recreational facilities for residents to enjoy themselves. For instance there is the Taegan Lane, part of San Elijo Lagoon Reserve and many more. Olivenhain is a place where you and your family can enjoy living.